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Our leggings

Our leggings are made from innovative aperture ITOFINISH KELP*.

ITOFINISH KELP is a naturally, rich source of minerals, vitamin B and iodine aperture, which speeds up metabolism in the human body. It also has the ability to kill infections and bacteria and gives the skin firmness and a healthy color.

Active products are enclosed in microcapsules and they are released during the use of leggings. Substances affects the body through direct contact with the skin.

ITOFINISH KELP contains extract of natural kelp having multiple positive influences, including moisturing and metabolism boosting effects due to its high lodine content. Also contains Ginkgo and Gotu cola, substances that also promote positive effects.

ITOFINISH COLLAGEN is a functional finishing agent based on marine collagen. Collagen is well known for its many positive properties including its excellent moisture retention. Already making up 25-35% of the human bodies total protein content, collagen interacts comfortably with the human body.

*ITOFINISH KELP aperture is only present in all black leggings and violet leggings from Free Spirit collection.



  • Relaxing
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Regenerating skin collagen fibers
  • Improving skin blood circulation
  • hydrating
  • improving skin metabolism

Composition Itofinish kelp:

  • minerals
  • vitamin B
  • iodine
  • gotu
  • ginkgo